Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaguration Sinkhole

Looks like the news is on hold, at least anything I would find interesting enough to post on at great length. At least Governor Rick Perry is kind enough to let locals vote on taxing themselves for a North Texas rail network. Thank you oh benevolent 38%er. Seems like there are a few (at least 2 as of today) of those low marks in Texas these days. Who wants LBJ and the Great Society Subway idea back?


Unknown said...

No comment from you about Obama mentioning cars and highways in his speech and not rails? Or did I miss it?

njh said...

Hamburg just approved their first tram line. They plan to have it running by 2014 - yep, from conception to implementation in 5 years. (LA Subway, *cough*)

Any idea why the US can't build public transport? (sure, it's a terrible waste of my gas tax etc, but once you start a project, it's usually much cheaper to finish it) Is it corruption or incompetence do you think?

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I think its because its been so long since we actually built transit that we don't know how to do it fast anymore.