Monday, January 26, 2009

Pushing Hard or Hardly Pushing?

Where was Gavin during the campaign? I know a lot of people like Gavin, but I can't stand his moves on transit. It just seems like he's never pushed very hard for big ideas and he's always kind of floated in the wind when it comes to them, waiting till the last minute to voice the right answer. Sometimes he's all wrong on auto issues like allowing cars into Golden Gate park on the weekends.

Why isn't the TEP getting a French push like HSR? How come its not getting hammered in right now? He could be a real leader on that. I'm glad to see he's behind HSR. But it would have been nice to hear him scream about it during the campaign.


Anonymous said...

"Building a high speed rail route that stops short of downtown San Francisco equates to building a major highway that ends before it reaches a city."

It's building major highways into cities that got us into this mess. Although I'm *sure* he didn't mean it that way....

Pedestrianist said...

San Francisco has long needed a mayor who takes the bus.

At least, for now, we can celebrate a BOS Prez with a fast pass!