Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Links

Portland Transport has photos of Oregon Iron Works first American made streetcar.
A high speed rail connection will soon be forged between Helsinki and St. Petersburgh Russia. I imagine that would be quite the beautiful trip.
Looks like Gavin was talking a bit too fast for the bus boys at AC Transit.
Fernandez told Newsom that if he wants the first phase of the Transbay Terminal project delayed until funding is secured for the rail piece, terms of an agreement between AC Transit and the Transbay board may be ''threatened or violated.'' He asked the mayor to clarify his intentions.
The Fort Worth Streetcar is moving forward. Kevin updates us and notes that they are thinking of paying for part of the capital with toll revenue.


arcady said...

It's good to hear that streetcar manufacturing is finally being revived in the US. I looked up Oregon Iron Works, btw, and it seems that their factory is only about a mile and a half past the end of the new MAX Green Line. Maybe in the future, they can build a connecting track on the street and deliver Portland's streetcars directly by rail.

Cap'n Transit said...

Oy those Karelian trains!

Has anyone else here taken a scenic trip by high-speed rail? You can't actually see that well, because the windows tend to be small and everything's flying by. The regular-speed trains take seven hours; if it's such a nice view I'd rather take my time.

Cap'n Transit said...

I found a travel article. about the current non-high-speed trips available.