Saturday, January 31, 2009

TOD Still Going

Despite the downturn, developers in Dallas are still moving forward with development near transit. Though in Farmers branch took a few false starts after pulling property together.

Over the years, Farmers Branch has spent nearly $10 million to accumulate land and set up zoning for the roughly 144-acre station area. Of that, the city owns about 50 acres, about 18 of which are available for development.

McDougal Cos., which is also working with Irving on a development project, would buy the land from Farmers Branch.

And city officials say they believe that this, the third time, is the charm. Farmers Branch had memorandums of understanding with two previous developers for projects in the station area, but both fell through.

After 20 years of hoping, they might get their town center. And all it took was a transit connection.

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