Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does This Look Familiar?

I believe it looks like the creation of sprawl. If you wanted this to happen, why are you in the city at all? Why not just move to the exurbs. It already exists like that there. It's another example of the car companies and traffic engineers fantasy that everyone wants a car and everyone can have a car if we just pave the city with lanes to accommodate it. It's just cleverly repackaged as a promo for GPS navigation. Fortunately, we're beginning to think differently about the roll they play.


Anonymous said...

I'm always amused that the car commercials always show driving in the city, mostly on uncongested roads devoid of pedestrians. They never show sitting in traffic on ugly suburban arterials, trying to get into and out of the generic office park.

Davemurphy said...

Yeah I'd have to say the real traffic backups are in the suburbs, at least around here in DC. But pulling up all the buildings was a nice touch. Reminiscent of highway construction.

Anonymous said...

Great observations, as always. I just want to quickly point out a spelling error. The last sentence should be:

Fortunately, we're beginning to think differently about the *role* they play.