Friday, February 6, 2009

Ogden, Utah Photos

I spent a few days talking about streetcars with some folks in Ogden, Utah. Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't have access to the internet the last few days because of my schedule, but I did take a few movies and pictures. I wish I would have had a little more time for a vlog but perhaps if I go back. Also, if I do disappear for a few days, you can check me out on twitter as well. I still have to figure out how to use it more effectively but for the most part its random observations when riding transit or where i'm located.

Anyway, Ogden is a really neat little city and they have a spectacular downtown with some great old buildings and the nearby streetcar suburbs . It was the center of much of the railroad's east west movements. Much to my surprise, this wasn't Salt Lake City's role. I got to see the Front Runner Commuter line from a far and took some pictures of the old downtown. I'll have some more cool stuff up tomorrow or Sunday.

And if you wonder why we should keep moving towards better land use and transit that lowers emissions...take a look at what Temperature inversions do to Salt Lake City. They just became a non-attainment area.

Ogden Trip

This is 25th Street, really cool main street which used to be a really seedy part of town. Tons of cities would kill for buildings like these.

Front Runner Commuter Rail

Ogden Trip

Ogden Trip

Ogden Trip

Ogden Trip


Adam said...

Utah is trying to do a good job with transit. FrontRunner should run to the CENTER of a new downtown with TOD and then have either a streetcar or light rail line.

Robert said...

The ride on the train looks like it would be a beautiful one to take every day. Great views!