Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars Lame Again

Located at Hollywood & Highland, how many so called green loving stars took the subway to the Oscars? ZERO!!!! They closed the station again for "security reasons". LAME. They are making traffic worse for themselves when they don't have to and contributing more to the problem.


Bob Davis said...

I don't think the actors and other movie personalities have much to say about whether to close the Metro station. I suspect it's security consultants and law enforcement people with a "better safe than sorry" attitude. Also, can you imagine the actresses in their designer gowns (and presumably high-heel shoes) negotiating the escalators? To borrow a movie title, "Mamma Mia"!

Morgan Wick said...

Still, I'm sure PGTP would love to hear some celebrity say "I think we should be able to take the train to the Oscars."

Robert said...

I'm not unsympathetic to the criticism of so-called Prius Progressives for not being truly environmentally friendly. But be reasonable -- do you really never take a cab?

This was a very visible and important event to folks in that industry -- taking a subway could lead to one getting there late or mussed, neither of which is acceptable here.

Adam said...

I only take cabs when it's VERY late at night and I'm piss drunk, or when there's no mass transit available (in my college days, I'd take St. Louis's MetroLink downtown every Thursday, but I'd be forced to take a cab back because MetroLink stopped running at midnight).

However, I have a HUGE problem with people closing sidewalks and stopping transit just to appease some celebrities. I mean, why should we have to be inconvenienced for them? They have more money than any of us could even DREAM of, free swag that we'd NEVER get, and all kinds of perks just for being famous. But when they have to inconvenience us just to make their lives easier, that crosses the line. I mean, what if I lived and relied on the Hollywood and Highland station every day? I would have to if I lived there, seeing as I don't own a car here (in Hoboken NJ). What's worse, LACMTA offers NO ALTERNATE SERVICE OR ADVICE for people who are screwed by this. It's like the celebrities can take to the streets whenever they want and expect us to fly the coop? There's a part of me that wants to go down there and try and challenge them.

It almost makes the Republican rants about celebrities actually bearable....oh wait, scratch that. They do it too, and are very nasty to people who actually walk the walk such as myself.

I'm not asking the celebrities to change, I'm just asking that they not force us to do their bidding.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I'd also like to point out that it is not just celebrities going to the theater to see the Oscars, it's family members from out of town who look nice but don't need to watch the trailer on their dress. It's also publicists and the press (I saw lots of fans there too with digi cameras) and all of the other people involved that could possibly move much easier if the Subway were allowed to function correctly. I mean it was created for high capacity no? Seems to me that this would fit the definition of a high capacity subway event and I imagine there isn't a lot of parking around. They are just making it harder on themselves.

Adam said...

Look at the inauguration, for example. WMATA, MARC, and VRE were all doing the best they could to accommodate people coming to and from the inauguration as well as people trying to go about their daily lives. Why can't LACMTA take a lesson from this?

Kyle - Boston said...

I'm in the same boat as you. I only take a cab, when I'm out drinking and the T stops running; last train outbound is 12:51. The other day I tried to take a bus back on a Friday night and they are supposed to run every thirty minutes, two drove by in 40 minutes, both were out of service.

It really does piss me off when they close subway stations and sidewalks.