Friday, February 13, 2009

PBS Program NOW Talks Transit

I've been watching the PBS Now program live on transit and it's great. I highly suggest it. Check your local listings for this program over the weekend or watch it below.


Robert said...

PBS's NOW is a great show. Back in October, NOW did a program on sprawl in San Diego county and the transit options in the Los Angeles. Great program --

Anonymous said...

That was great program to watch.

Rob Pitingolo said...

Once again NOW steps up with another well-researched and well-produced episode. This should be required viewing for transit and urbanism enthusiasts.

ChiefJoJo said...

Great program & thanks for the link. I sent it out to a bunch of folks.

Several great points that need to be emphasized.

1. Mayor McCrory's point that transit is not a partisan issue. It's about sustainable economic development/growth.

2. Charlotte learned from others mistakes that it's not just the transit, but the streets, bikeways, sidewalks, bike lockers, streetlights, and of course land use policies, that encourage TOD and make the rail investment worthwhile.

3. David King of Triangle Transit made an excellent point about how the Bush Administration's policies of the last 8 years with respect to New Starts & cost-effectiveness has left agencies like TTA and others without the means to deliver "shovel-ready" projects today. At least in the case of the Triangle, though it delayed rail implementation, it produced a better overall plan.

Anonymous said...

We never miss NOW if we can help it. A very impressive PBS offering. So well-researched with the most timely topics addressed in a thoughtful manner. Also, like the compassion for human suffering that pervades the programs. From David on down, a fine staff NOW has!