Saturday, March 14, 2009

Heart Attacks

Just to note, I'm never ever stressed on the train ride home or to work.
New research from Germany shows that people who had heart attacks were three times more likely than not to have been sitting in traffic an hour before their symptoms began.
Step away from the automobile.


-- chase said...

I'm not sure I believe in the correlation between heart attacks and traffic, but I definitely agree with you about stress. I ride the bus or my bike every weekday, and never feel stress about it. Occasionally I'll be annoyed by a late bus or -- much more often -- I'll be relaxed by reading a book on the bus, but never stressed.

Anonymous said...

on a similar note, how many drivers can say they're turned on by their commute?

Matt! said...

Never stressed about riding transit? Look, I don't even own a car, but there are many days when the bus and train are stressful. Less than a car? Definitely. But stress-free? Not in the least.

njh said...

The main cause of stress in my commute is cars. They block trams, have accidents, make loud noises as they go past you at the bus stop or while on your bike, they cut in front of the bus causing the drive to have to brake suddenly, or hurl unknowable obscenities at you while you're pedalling quietly down the street.

So if we had fewer cars on the road, it would make public transport better for many more reasons.

Cap'n Transit said...

Pan and Njh clearly don't have to change trains at Grand Central on the way home.