Saturday, March 28, 2009

McCrory Gets on the Streetcar Wagon

It's interesting that the Charlotte Mayor is pushing for a streetcar over the maintenance bay that Keith Parker has lined up for stimulus money. Some of the tracks for the line are already in the ground and it would connect an east side destination with downtown. I walked the route when I was there but it's certainly a case where the streetcar would make a more physical connection between the two places. However I tend to agree that fixing the bus barn is of greater importance though I would like to see them do both.
But here's another idea. CATS laid tracks on Elizabeth Avenue that aren't being used. Why couldn't CATS install more streetcar track in phases but not operate it until it has a line long enough to span across uptown?
There's another thing I don't think McCrory gets. He says there was not enough stimulus money for roads. I think there was too much for roads. If more money was allocated for transit, they could have done both of these projects.



Anonymous said...

You're right that there is too much money being spent on roads.

Roads are important, but have been getting too much money for too long.

Matt Fisher said...

Too much goes to the [CENSORED] roads. I hate censorship!! Keeping them in repair is the only purpose for road money.

Anonymous said...

Here in Waco the city is also looking at stimulus money to jump-start a new trolley system.