Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Increasing Capacity Without a New Tube

I thought this was an interesting post from a recently opened local blog Switching Modes. It also could fit well with Transbay's recent post on how to fix the central freeway by making a BART connection in the inner Mission neighborhoods. I still think we need another transbay tube but not just for BART but for standard guage trains and high speed rail to Oakland. That would allow trains like the Capital Corridor a direct shot into San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

That woulbe be a good idea, also a link to the north too.

david vartanoff said...

The current transbay tube is close to maxed out. original BART PR bragged about trains every 90 seconds which existing subways had done pre computers. . BART has never achieved that level on a sustained basis. Even if they could, and assuming enough cars that ALL rush hour trains were 10 cars, the current system would fill out those trains without any new extensions to further sprawlburbs.
Which comes around to why I am so bitter about the useless Bay Bridge rebuild. We need more transbay capacity or a serious increase in telecommuting.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't we run trains over the Oakland Bay Bridge, getting some better use out of those wasted highway lanes?