Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Not Getting It

States are still pushing for an 80-20 funding split for highways and transit. If we keep going down this route, nothing will change. LaHood talks a big game, but I'm still waiting to see proof. I think people have been a little too easy on him of late. Yeah he says nice things but what have we seen happen so far? States are still calling for 80-20, which to me is a failure to communicate how important livable communities and alternative transportation really are. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that highways do not = livable communities. Look what we got from that over the last 60 years. What does ASHTO think they are going to spend that 80% on? If its all highway money, that is a lot of expansion.


Anonymous said...

Why not have $375 billion for mass transit and $93 for roads for a change?

Spokker said...

It's really bad in Orange County, CA. Mass transit is going to see a 25% cut in service soon while freeway widening continues. The OCTA can't even get its rapid bus service off the ground, delaying it two years already.