Saturday, April 4, 2009

"This City is Supposed to Be Green"

Yes it is. But we have a fake green mayor. So this argument falls on deaf ears at city hall.
"I get that times are tough," Shelley Keith, 19, said as she waited for either a 14-Mission or a 26-Valencia for her trip home to Bernal Heights on Friday afternoon. "What I don't get is why cut public transportation. This is supposed to be a green city."
Transit riders get it. It's San Francisco's leadership that can't get their heads around that idea. Wake up you emerald aristocracy. It's times like these we need transit most. Congestion pricing for carbon cars anyone?


Anonymous said...

Gavin Newsom, and the people backing him, aren't really liberals. Or at least, they're the very strange sort of liberal that you get in the Bay Area. The conservative sort. They're much more interested in looking green, than being green. The latter requires actual change, and that's painful, whereas the former is easy and lets spend them spend their money to be greener than thou. That's why the Prius is so successful: it lets everyone know that you're such a green goody for driving it, never mind the fact that biking or walking or public transit are better. Gavin is of the same mindset. He's much more interested in cutting a ribbon on an electric car charger than cutting carbon emissions in his city.

AJ said...

Do you want to borrow Mayor Nickels from us? He flattened opposition to get Sound Transit 2.1 on the ballot and pushed through a Streetcar resolution and has gotten that set up to be built before anyone can reverse it.

We'll watch Mayor Hairgel for you guys for a while.

Pedestrianist said...


Be careful what you wish for, I suspect we'd take you up on that if we had a choice