Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Now Have an Administrator

According to the Washington Post, Obama has tapped Peter Rogoff for FTA Administrator. Already beats a trucker.
Peter M. Rogoff, a leading expert on transportation funding issues, will be nominated to serve as administrator of DOT's Federal Transit Administration. He's a 22-year veteran of the Senate Appropriations Committee and has served as Democratic staff director to the transportation subcommittee for the last 14 years. Rogoff was the lead Senate staffer on the .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) law and the youth drunk driving “zero tolerance” law, widely credited with saving tens of thousands of lives. He also advised lawmakers on the initiation and financing of Amtrak's high-speed Acela service and on the financing of new light rail and bus rapid transit systems.
He's a financing man that's apparently been around since Istea.
The expert on infrastructure budgeting and finance issues has served on the Senate Appropriations Committee for 22 years, the last 14 as staff director of the Transportation-HUD Subcommittee. He is a veteran of the last three surface transportation bills dating back to 1991.
He was a guest of the "road gang" which I find a funny name for a transpo frat. I didn't find much else in a quick google search, so we'll have to ask some questions over the next few days.


Michael D. Setty said...

There is such a group in D.C. called the "Road Gang," which is not only a collection of road lobbyists, but also a drinking and carousing society. I know because when I worked at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in Oakland in the early 1980's, certain members of the lobbying staff were honorary members of this "fraternity."

Michael D. Setty said...

Of course in the 1980's, the Road Gang was mostly informal and didn't have things like websites!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Cox, O'Toole and the rest of the "Road Gang" are going to become part of a chain gang?