Tuesday, May 19, 2009

George Will Despises You, Livable Community Advocate

Really, how out of touch with America do you have to be to hate jeans and Portland simultaneously. Never mind the fact that roads don't pay for themselves or suburbanites want city amenities, usually without having to pay for them.

Of the 32 percent of respondents who live in the suburbs, 51 percent said they wish their community had a wider variety of offerings.

The top three amenities desired include access to convenient public transportation (23 percent), a broad array of housing options (22 percent) and a more walkable environment (22 percent). More than half (52 percent) of suburban residents say they would move to a community that offered more of those characteristics.

Look Georgie boy, if you want to waste your wealth on transforming that corn field into a single family home go ahead, but last time I checked, the Great Society Subway has created actual tangible wealth in the parts of DC it touches. So give me a break about freedom, especially when the freedom you espouse costs me more as a taxpayer than the "behavior modification" you're so fearful of.


njh said...

GW: So it's juvenile to wear jeans, but it's not juvenile to rely on name calling and misstated facts to make your case?

PT: Why do you even paste such links, you're just feeding their ad revenue.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Part of the reason is if I make a strange comment about George Will and jeans will people get what I'm saying? There's a lot of stuff I don't link to for that reason you mention but this was kind of a strange case.

njh said...

Totally weird. I wonder if we sound the same to them? Are we just stating things randomly and expecting people to believe us?

Matt Fisher said...

As somebody who's wearing jeans at the time I'm writing this comment, this is what I will say of George F. Will: He is a right wing wanker. He's apparently scared

FYI, it appears rather kinda warm in Ottawa today, but that's close to summer. I hate 30 degrees Celsius temperatures outside. This is equivalent to approx. 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and is a minimum. If it's higher, I hate it more.

Chris said...

Wow what a bonehead GW is. Last time I checked no one is forcing anyone to live in dense downtown neighborhoods. If I want my 6 acres of land around my house, I can still do that. But it would be nice to drive into town, park in one place and do all my shopping and errands without driving from parking lot to parking lot. In fact, us rail advocates are probably giving Americans more choices. Not less. The last few decades, we've been forced to need a car by the oil barons and auto makers. That doesn't sound like freedom to me.