Thursday, May 28, 2009

Links for Night Owls

I often wonder what proponents of BRT mean when they say BRT. Apparently so will people in Minneapolis.
I haven't quite gotten my head around Yonah's funding idea but check it out.
Shocker! Only 17% of downtown shoppers drive to San Francisco. Now can we stop playing the car game?
Tucson orders 7 cars from Oregon Iron Works. More American Made Streetcars! Boise might have an order in soon too.
Apparently the recession hasn't beaten down Charlotte's LRT too much. It might be that lunch crowd I saw when I was there.

Light Rail


Jay Heikes said...
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Jay Heikes said...

More good news from Charlotte: the MTC voted Unanimously to include Mecklenburg County in H-148, the bill in NC legislature to allow urban counties to levy a 1/2 cent sales tax dedicated solely to transit. The language allows Mecklenburg to levy a second 1/2 cent.
County Commissioners said we could see a vote in 2010.

Matt Fisher said...

Yup. The I-35W BRT project in Minneapolis to the suburbs will be just express buses in HOT lanes. They could well be open to regular traffic. Why not put LRT in there instead? But they say the usual: "We can't afford it".