Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Links

Have a great Memorial Day, here are some links for good reading.

Urban Transport has an interesting chart of Energy Consumption by sector.
Alan Pisarski decides to take on the affordability index. The PDF doesn't work, but you can get a gist of the findings and a rebuttal at Streetsblog, where Heritage kingpin Ron Utt has posted in the comments of Elana Schor's post.
It is odd that Elena was unable to get her question in during the 45 minute Q and A, especially as she was sitting next to me -- the meeting's host -- and I was handling the questions. Anyway, I'm excited about the exposure and soon we will be posting Alan's presentation so that her readers can make up their own minds.
It's funny when Heritage folks think that Streetsblog is a forum where they can win friends after continueing to hate the basic premise behind it. Streets are for people. We must be making some headway if they are starting to complain about this stuff now. Good job Streetsblog.
More parking decks means more development downtown. Didn't you know that?
Jon Stewart is awesome.
Richard points out the Dutch form of accessibility planning that pushes zoning to follow the transportation infrastructure available.

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