Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Photo Dump III

Here are some more San Francisco Aerials. I love looking at the city you live in from up high.

Here's the new Devil's Slide bypass:

New Devil's Slide Bypass

A shot of the Outer Parts of the City looking North Northwest:

Outer San Francisco Aerial Photo

Towards downtown over the Mission:

San Francisco Aerial Photo

Kind of strange downtown shot. The light in all of these is a bit on the blue side.

Downtown San Francisco Aerial


njh said...

aerosols make the air blue. The Blue mountains in australia are so named because the eucalyptus release volatile gases into the air above them. I expect this is the same effect, only unburnt gasoline and diesel particulates instead.

njh said...

Oh, I just realised these are from a commercial plane. They tint the windows. That's all. These are pretty good photos from a plane. Most of the time I get smears and double images.