Friday, May 22, 2009

Tucson Springing Up on Streetcar Line

Looks like things are hopping in Tucson. 30 projects, not bad in this economy.
About 150 of “riders” traveled the planned route, though this time it was by bus. The ride took us past 30 projects that are sprouting up from Mercado San Agustin, at West Congress and Avenida del Convento, to the Main Gate of the University. Rio Nuevo is indeed moving forward!

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Adam said...

Forget streetcars, Tuscon is a candidate for light rail (because it's so spread out). I think they should close one of their main streets and run LRVs along them.

Looking at an overhead of Tuscon, there's a ROW that passes by the airport. It could then run north along (or under) Euclid Avenue after serving the Amtrak station. This would be a north south line. An east-west line should run along what looks like Speedway Avenue through downtown.