Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unofficial Gas Tax

This is what you're paying for in other cities around the world:

Prepared by the Emirate’s Department of Transport, with assistance from Mott MacDonald and Steer Davis Gleave, the master plan aims to create a comprehensive public transport network connecting Abu Dhabi island and the international airport with the UAE’s planned new capital city. The main proposals include:

  • 590 km of regional high speed railway linking Abu Dhabi with neighbouring emirates and countries;
  • 130 km of metro lines linking key areas in Abu Dhabi, including the airport, the new capital city, Yas Island and the central business zone;
  • 30 tram projects in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain totalling 340 km;
  • highway improvements totalling 1 560 route-km;
  • demand management measures to support the infrastructure, including parking management and possible congestion charges.
Your "tax" dollars at work. Why can't we keep it at home?

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Alon Levy said...

It's okay. With oil prices so far down, they don't have the money for it.