Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Battle for Charlotte 07

Locals might remember these commercials. I was at the transit initiatives conference this weekend and folks played these spots that were made for the Charlotte repeal effort back in November of 2007 when opponents tried to take away a half cent sales tax. It got destroyed at the ballot box 70% against repeal. I asked if we could post them up to share with folks and Brian Rasmussen at R&R Partners was nice enough to send them along. Check them out. My favorite is the mayors. What do you all think?

This one was set in a bar. Apparently these two folks had a lot in common:

This one was two former Charlotte Mayors who apparently never agree on anything. They agreed on this:

Finally, they got recently retired and fan favorite Mike Minter to do a spot on saving the transit tax:

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Randy Simes said...

These are really effective. I too like the one with the Mayors, but the Panthers one is really great too and probably speaks to a different audience.