Friday, October 2, 2009

Quote of the Day

From the Edmonton Journal:
"The LRT is not just about moving people," says Bob Boutilier, the general manager of the city's transportation department. "It's about building a city."
I wish more transportation leaders would get this simple point.


Anonymous said...

Is tearing down your electric trolleybus network also part of building a city? Albertans love the money they get from the oil sands plain and simple. They couldn't care less about the environmental armageddon caused by the oilsands developments. They went so far as to hide away the trolleybuses during "oil week" in Edmonton just so as to not piss off the oil interests. Edmonton is no city to look up to. Their LRT is simple greenwashing plain and simple. Big gas guzzling SUVs, sprawl, as little tax as possible and to hell with the rest of the world. Let the next generation deal with our mess. That is the Alberta way. That is really the way they think.

Unknown said...

What's also sad is that there isn't even Via Rail service from Edmonton to Calgary and like with Ottawa, Edmonton all the railway lines to the CBD have been toren up.

Justin said...

This is the same city that tore down an extensive trolleybus system for short-term savings. Mr. Boutilier is full of shit. This is not a city to look up to. Anon hit it on the nose. Edmonton is not a transit city, and never will be. Alberta loves oil, and sprawl.