Sunday, January 24, 2010

Public Input in Ogden

I was really shocked by this quote in Standard Net, the newspaper for Ogden Utah:
UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter said he is impressed with the amount of homework and energy the Trolley District group put in and believes the group has worthy goals, but it may be coming to the table too late.
That last part about coming to the table too late is outrageous considering the group has been looking at the 25th street alignment over the 36th street alignment for over a year and has been very vocal about it as well. They were never allowed at the table, so to say they were late is a bit disingenuous. I know this only because I went to speak about streetcars in Ogden about a year ago, though not to advocate for a specific route. The activists were pounding the pavement in support then and are still on the path now.

It shows a disconnect between the citizen process and leaders such as the Mayor of Ogden who haven't wanted to see the 25th street alignment considered at all because 36th was his idea. There was also thefear of the state DOT who people have always believe would not want the streetcar running on their road, whether in a dedicated ROW or not. Perhaps the upstart group should look to some of the Urbanophile's suggestions for beating state DOTs and apply them to both UDOT and UTA.

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fpteditors said...

This is what is wrong with the current rail approach. Rail development is fraught with winners and losers and will be delayed while property speculators fight. We should not be advocating the superimposition of systems on top of the auto system. Instead we should reverse the process of National City Lines. Bring back the buses by making them fare-free. Then when the scales are tipped back level, the subsidized auto system will be wounded and exposed for what it is, and rail can come back.