Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Night Notes

A quick post because today was a blockbuster for articles:

Core Vitality Imperative - The Urbanophile - Aaron is really rocking these posts and is always thoughtful. If you're not reading you should start now.
"I will walk, I will ride a bike, I'll even crawl to get the debt load off our children,"

This quote was an angry response to raising taxes for transit. These tea-baggers are too much.
Who knew? Walking briskly makes you healthy. In cities you walk more.
Ryan has two papers of interest. Paper 1 - Paper 2
According to the authors, it does seem that in polycentric regions, small cities can enjoy some of the labour productivity gains from a large market without having all of the disadvantages of a single large city (including high costs and congestion).
Yonah asks how you connect a multi-polar region like the Triangle.
From Switchboard:
Today NRDC released Location Efficiency and Mortgage Default, a study that shows a direct, statistically significant link between the high costs of personal transportation imposed by poor location efficiency and a much higher risk of default.


Matt Fisher said...

Anyone reading today's Ottawa Citizen will find that I, your humble "interlocuteur", wrote a letter to the editor that finally got published. I complain about the Transitway and refer to the fact that Curitiba is gonna replace BRT with a subway. That relates to when I think the Transitway we have here in Ottawa should be replaced by light rail. I've been trying for the last six months, and now I'm in! Hooray!

The Urbanophile said...

Thanks for the link and kind words - Aaron.

Andrew said...

I saw it Matt good job!