Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Urban Form

In an attempt to go a little deeper into the previous post I went looking for more pictures of Rotterdam and Houston and found even better comparisons and interesting views than the photos I posted before.

It should also be said that I don't mean to discount the devastation of war to people and property. There is a difference between choosing to build parking lots and having your life and possessions destroyed.

First Rotterdam:

This from scientific psychic:

And this from the special collections of the Wageningen Library:

Next Houston:

Clearance of housing to build US59 via, an amazing resource if you want to see how freeways were built in Texas.

Also via, a view of Houston from the same angle as the previous post's shot:

This is from Aerial viewpoint. A historic shot from 1945 compared with today. Notice the freeway intrusion. Also notice the downtown getting taller. Finally, where Union Station used to be is where highway 59 rockets through on the east side of downtown and Minute Maid park now exists with a token train filled with oranges.

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Matt Fisher said...

Sounds like a fun comparison. I like it when they show the former Enron Field.