Sunday, March 21, 2010

Open Thread

When I don't post for a while I get emails from folks interested in chatting about anything from high speed rail to the absence of overhead wires. I feel like I should foster a greater ability to have conversations outside of topic posts. So if you have something to say or share, I'll try to have more open threads.


fpteditors said...

Trying to fight for rail in a auto-dominated system is like shoving a cut of DOT112 tanks through a yard full of facing-point switches. We should not discourage rail advocates, but, until the critical mass of the auto is broken and the weight of it's subsidy is exposed, we will never get back to rail. We have to retrace our steps through buses to get to streetcars and intercity electrified the way we came. As is shown in the movie "taken for a ride" -- a must-see for all rail advocates.

rg said...

We are still fighting the good fight in DC, countering lies by the Capitol Hill Restoration Society and the Committee of 100 Friends of the District re: overhead wires.


The latter is an elite, invitation-only organization that professes to have a lock on progressive thought in the District. They did some good work 40 years ago fighting the freeways, but they have evolved into a reactionary, pro-automobile and pro-parking advocacy organization that is out of touch with most DC residents. Fortunately, the pro-streetcar argument appears to be winning.