Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bigger Thinking on Texas Stadium Site

In my post below I talked about how hard it would be to connect the two parcels over the freeway. Looks like they have thought about that.

In an article in Fast Company, the developers and city of Irving are looking to make the freeway choked property where the stadium once was into "the densest, most walkable neighborhood in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex outside of downtown Dallas." That's a pretty bold statement. But the renderings show they have some ideas about how its gonna be, and I must say, they do have a grand imagination.

Via the Irving Chamber

If they can get this done more power to them. I especially appreciate them doing it on the transit line. Now how about that transit connectivity? This type of density needs more than just one rail line.


Alon Levy said...

I think they're trying to imitate some East Asian cities, which have walkable districts flanked by freeways and very wide arterials, without too many rail lines. It's something that Singapore and Hong Kong get away with because they have no road socialism and that China gets away with because it's still too poor for high car ownership. I'm not sure it will work well in the US, not unless gas taxes go up $5 per gallon.

LG said...

This also makes me think of Boston and their Big Dig that sent their freeway into a tunnel and covered it with walkable space.

It transformed the North End, connecting it to greater Boston.

Alurin said...

The difference is that in Boston there were already dense urban neighborhoods on either side of the freeway, because the freeway was constructed by bulldozing through the heart of the city.

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Matt Fisher said...

Not that Big Dig again. But then, how about TWO rail lines? :)