Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012 Results Central - Transportation Edition

We're back for the November Classic!  It's election season, and that means we'll be following the ones that matter around the country as they come in on election night.  It can be a bit tough on the West Coast when returns come in early and we still have to work until 8pm ET but we'll try our best.

2008 Results
2010 Results

If you're interested in all of the measures on the ballot in the last year including today's check out CFTE's handy webpage.  If you're interested in learning about the ones that will likely have the most impact on a national level, check out Yonah's coverage on the Transport Politic.  He'll also be tweeting out returns tomorrow evening (@TTPolitic) and as usual I'll be tweeting @theoverheadwire.

Here are the places you can find the returns.  I'll be updating this page with results as they come available. This is not all the results, but rather the ones I find most interesting.  If you have a result you want covered, tweet me or email theoverheadwire at gmail.


Alameda County is looking for a half cent sales tax increase in order to help AC Transit operate better bus service and build a horrible BART extension to Livermore.  Measure B1 results can be found here.  Needs 66.7% to pass.

62.7% - For - 28% in - 9:03pm PT
64.4% - For - 43% in - 10:35pm PT
63.81% - For - 63% in - 11:31pm PT
63.01% - For - 72% in - 11:33pm PT
64.19% - For - 82% in - 12:04am PT
65.30% - For - 94% in - 12:22am PT
65.54% - For - 100% in - 12:53am PT

Tough loss.  It really annoys me that we have to pass tax measures by 2/3rds as it means that a no vote is twice as valuable as a yes vote.  Not democracy.

Los Angeles County needs a 66.7% or higher vote to extend 2008's Measure R so that projects can be fastracked.  Measure J results can be found here.

63.93% - For  - Early Vote - 9:06pm PT
64.41% - For - 3% of Precincts - 10:38pm PT
64.67% - For - 33% of Precincts - 11:44pm PT
64.83% - For - 38% of Precincts - 12:03am PT
64.75% - For - 43% of Precincts - 12:26am PT
64.69% - For - 49% of Precincts - 1:14am PT
64.63% - For - 55% of Precincts - 1:53am PT
64.71% - For - 60% of Precincts - 2:04am PT

Colorado - WIN

El Paso County is looking to pass a sales tax measure that would benefit rural transit capital projects.  Results can be found here.

For - 73.54% - 92% in  6:58pm PT

Hawaii - WIN

The Mayors Race is likely to decide the direction of rail transit over the next decade.  Ben Cayetano wants to halt the project and has his own plan for BRT.  Honolulu election results here.

Caldwell - 54.61% - 1st Printout-  11:05pm PT
Caldwell - 53.95% - 3rd Printout - 12:08am PT
Caldwell - 53.89% - 4th Printout - 1:16am PT

Honolulu Star Advertiser calls for Caldwell.

Illinois - WIN

Stephenson County is seeking an advisory vote as to whether they should have a regional transit system.  You can find the results here.

For - 51.33%  - 75% in 7:17pm PT
For - 52.00% -  100% in 9:36pm PT

Michigan  - 2 WINS

Kalamazoo is voting on a property tax for transit.  Election Results for Kalamazoo County will be found here.

For -  63%

Walker anti-tax groups got a ballot measure to withdraw from the Rapid transit system in Grand Rapids.  Election results for Kent County can be found here.

For - 73.02% - 100% in 7:43pm PT  - WIN

North Carolina - WIN

Orange County which is home to Chapel Hill is looking for a half cent sales tax that would help with a regional transportation improvement including more fixed guideway transit.  Results here.

58.83% For - 6:49pm PT


Spencer and Sylvania Townships want to withdraw from the Toledo Transportation Authority. Lucas County Results Will Be Here

Mahoning County has a ballot measure that would renew an existing sales tax for transit. Results here.


Tigard is having an election to decide whether voters should have an ultimate say over future LRT expansion.  The amendment is called 34-203 and can the results can be found at the Washington County site. A for vote means a public vote will be needed before money can be used for light rail.

81.14% For - 100% in 8:10pm PT 

South Carolina

Richland County is proposing a 1 cent sales tax of which 25% would be dedicated to bus operations.  Results should be found here.

CFTE Tweets that this one is too close to call. 


Houston Metro is having a ballot measure to decide what to do with a quarter cent of the revenue from a half cent sales tax.  Previous to this measure, funding was automatically sent to member cities for roads and other improvement projects.  Some say this will determine whether the University and Uptown Light Rail Lines can be built sooner rather than later.  A yes (FOR) vote continues the diversion of money from Metro to cities. You can find Harris County results here. Results are on page 33.

78% For - 5:17pm PT
78% For - 7:53pm PT 12% in
78% For - 8:22pm PT 48% in
78.87% For - 10:08pm PT 56.4% in
78.80% For - 10:25pm PT 99% in

This looks like it will pass.

Tennessee - Loss

Memphis has a cent per gallon gas tax on the ballot to fund transit operations in the region. Results should be found here.

 Gas tax fails according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal

Virginia  2 Wins

Arlington County is having a bond election for transportation that includes funding for Metro and other important things we love.  I can't find anything definitive but it seems as if funding for the Pike Streetcar would come from this pot of money as well.  Results for the county can be found here.

78% For - 5:22pm PT
80% For - 7:34pm PT 92.47% in

Virginia Beach is having an advisory vote on whether Light Rail is a good idea for the city as an extension of the existing Norfolk line.  Election results for Virginia Beach should be located here.

The Virginian Pilot is calling race 62% for LRT.  

Washington State 1 Loss - 

Clark County is having a vote on a .1 cent sales tax that would provide operating money for BRT and LRT in Vancouver WA.  Results will be found here.

Loss - 56.33% Against 10:15pm PT

Pierce County is having a vote on a .3 cent sales tax that would support Pierce Transit operations.  Results will be found here.

For - 49.15% - 38% in - 10:22pm PT
For - 49.20% - 41% in - 11:33pm PT


Anonymous said...

Now I'm wondering why Virginia Beach reporting is taking so long.

Anonymous said...

CFTE says Virginia Beach is a win, 62-38. (Don't know where they're getting their numbers from since the VB website still isn't showing results.)

John said...

Looks like the Ohio issue in Toledo was a win, while Youngstown was a loss.



david vartanoff said...

B1 voted yes but on balance NOT wasting $400 million on BART to Livermore is a win. AC will need to try a different approach.