Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jobs North of the University of Texas on Two Corridors

Here are the job totals north of the University of Texas along the two corridors.  Guess which corridor the local establishment chose.  Not the one with the most jobs, or low income jobs.  What drives transit ridership?  Employment.


Alan said...

If you don't stop at UT's northern border, you see that UT's 24,000 facility and staff are better served by a route thru campus down San Jacinto. San Jacinto is about 1/2 mile from both the eastern and western edges of the main portion of campus (meaning campus east of I-35). A 1/2 mile strip from a Guadalupe route only covers the western side of campus.

Alan said...

Since we are specifically talking employment, you should realize that the majority of UT's staff are concentrated in the eastern portion of campus.

All 8 facilities and maintenance buildings are on the east side of campus.
The UT Police Department is east of San Jacinto.
The University of Texas Press is located east.
The University Interscholastic League is close to outgrowing its 3 story building on the east side.
The 4 story UT Development office is east.
Libraries require a lot of staff. Of the 14 libraries on campus, 2 are closer to Guadalupe, 3 are equidistant from Guadalupe and San Jacinto and 9 are closer to San Jacinto.
Of the 8 centers and museums, 6 are on the east side of campus.
The Computational Resources building is east.
The two University Child Development Centers are east.
The UT Mail Services building is east.
UT sports bring in a lot of $ and employ a lot of staff for events, coaching, training and media – all on the east side of campus.
The Performing Arts complexes require a lot of staff and are east.
A majority of on campus student housing (with associated food service) is either adjacent to San Jacinto or much closer to it than to Guadalupe.
The huge new Student Activities Center is on San Jacinto.
This doesn't even consider the concentration of workers that will be found at the new training hospital when it is built.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Hey again Alan. While I appreciate your thoughts again, I want to see stats. UT's Pat Clubb and her predecessor say that San Jac is the center of campus, however being center of campus to them is not the same as center to everyone else such as students. And there's this big freeway to deal with that limits usage, as well as the fact that one of the cities densest neighborhoods is west of Guadalupe.

While there might be some staff in places like Belmont, I would bet the vast majority are actually going to and from the Western portions.