Monday, June 15, 2015

Become a Patron of The Overhead Wire and The Direct Transfer Daily

Hey All!

Thanks for keeping up with The Overhead Wire and The Direct Transfer in your RSS feeds or by checking back in to the website. Many of you are using the RSS instead of getting the daily email and that's awesome. As many of you know, for nine years I've put together The Direct Transfer Daily (formerly The Other Side of the Tracks) and for the last few months (and a year+ with Tanya Snyder) have been doing the Talking Headways Podcast at StreetsblogUSA. In my previous job there was a bit of support for these projects however now that I'm working on my own as a consultant that isn't as sustainable. It probably wasn't sustainable before but I love doing it and still do.

I'd like to keep collecting news and podcasting to share information with folks who love cities. Hopefully I can also write more at The Overhead Wire and here. My intern Kelly has been loading news and writing posts and I need to keep paying her for that great work and pay for some of my time creating these resources.

So if you're so inclined I would really appreciate your support. The Patreon is a monthly subscription donation that you choose. It can range from cents to $150 a month. That higher level will allow someone to co-host the podcast with me once a year. $2 a month gets you a sticker with our loveable Overhead Wire logo on it.

You can pledge continuing support for The Overhead Wire on Patreon here.

Folks have also been asking if they can give one time. I'm more than happy to have your support that way too. You can click on the PayPal Link Below.

So let's keep this going. Thanks so much for continued reading of our link collections and listening to the podcast. We really appreciate it and I hope they help you as well.

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