Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Most Read: Dam the Mediterranean

Yesterday's most popular article was one from City Metric that discussed a crazy 1920's idea to create a super continent by damning the Mediterranean Sea.  The purpose of which was to promote energy through hydro-electric power and peace through connectivity.

Of course this is an interesting look back at a time when refugees are clamoring to get into the EU from Syria and other nations. The connectivity is something that doesn't seem wanted by nations that feel they are more advanced than those who are producing refugees.  Each place has cultures and customs and even the EU which is very close together in terms of space has many varying looks at culture and norms.  It actually makes me think that the United States is pretty amazing given its vast geographic space.  Though we are mostly immigrants ourselves.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't discuss the huge amount of ecological damage this 1920 plan would have done.  At the time they thought it would make Northern Africa more habitable for European settlement but it would have also created a tangible connection that wasn't by boat.  

But what gets me really thinking about this is when I think about all the ideas to fill in San Francisco Bay.  While I marvel at our ability to move land and sea in ways that are amazing, it also makes me think that we're trying to fix something that's ever changing.  The Earth is a living, breathing thing and even our bridges and buildings will be forced out of place by moving plates and changing climates.  Best to design with nature, than against it.

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