Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jane Jacobs' 100th Birthday Party

It's been a while since I read Death and Life so I don't have any fantastic quotes for anyone.  But I do have a list of articles that were posted for what would have been Jane Jacobs' 100th birthday.

Google Doodle Celebrates Jane Jacobs - Dezeen

Thank God for Jane Jacobs the Highway Slayer - StreetsblogNYC

What Would Jane Jacobs Do About Zoning? WestNorth

Bulldoze Jane Jacobs - Slate

Jane Jacobs Believed Cities Should be Fun - Vox

What Would Jane Jacobs Do About Uber, Bloor Bike Lanes? Toronto Star

Jane Up North - Curbed

How Jane Jacobs Changed the Way We Look at Cities - Guardian Cities

Who Plans?: Jane Jacobs’ Hayekian critique of urban planning - Strong Towns

The Jane Jacobs Century - CityLab

Defending Vibrant City Life: Jane Jacobs at 100 - Time Magazine

Filling in the Blanks of Jane Jacobs.  (Robert Caro's Missing Chapter) - Next City

How Living on Jane Jacobs' Favorite Block Changed My Life - Fast Company

There are more of course, but this is a pretty good sample of tributes, and a little pushback, to who many call St. Jane.

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