Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Design, Shelters, & Riders

A recent competition was raised in San Francisco to design transit shelters. Apparently the idea is something that architects can get into, and by some of the shelters looks, can overdo. But its an interesting exercise in design. My questions would be, can good design keep away the vandals? Will the shelter actually keep the wind out? Will it put maps on many sides so you don't have to ask someone to leave their seat to look at them? Will the advertising be a tasteful size in order to not feel overwhelmed by a product at a bus stop? Those are a few of the questions I would have about these stops. Yes it's nice to worry about aesthetics, but hopefully they are heavy on function.

I would like to make a request to Muni as well. Please put a shelter at my stop on 24th and Church. And a map would be nice. You would think that a handicapped accessible stop on a Muni Metro line would at least have a map and perhaps nextbus. Now that would be great!

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