Saturday, June 21, 2008

Transportation Corridors

This is what you get when you have a long term plan for developing a corridor and do it right. I was watching some baseball today and the game was in Boston. They showed an aerial photo of the Back Bay and it got me thinking...corridors.

Arlington County Virginia

Wilshire Blvd: Flickr by ATIS 547

Boston Back Bay on the Green Line

Peachtree Street in Atlanta

I know there are more. Anyone have a corridor to share?


Ryan said...

Some great pictures of Toronto's corridors and TODs are posted here;

kenf said...

More on Arlington, Va.

Roger Lewis points out that Arlington had the foresight to have their part of the Metro built correctly, that today the Metro system would not be built, and that America needs an "attitude transplant."

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Great shots Ryan, thanks for the link. Ken, I think you're exactly right. We were very shortsighted in that regard here in the Bay Area. I often wonder what would have happened if BART was built under Telegraph in Berkeley and under Broadway in Oakland instead of in the middle of the freeway. We are very very short sighted here and its a bit sick that we make these decisions on cost and not on the future.

Jeramey said...

Thanks for creating this photo round-up of transit-oriented development. I referenced it on to kick off a series of articles I will be doing on transit in the Milwaukee region.