Thursday, June 19, 2008

Want Legroom?

Take Rail. In fact, why would you ever fly for a short distance trip if you had a choice?


Justin said...

Profit and greed will be the airlines downfall. They should have stuck to providing long distance, and some medium distance travels, and allowing rail to take care of the short-medium distance trips,

AC said...

I go from Austin to Houston and Dallas all the time. As I was telling my cab driver in Dallas the other day, I (rather, my clients) would be willing to pay a hefty premium if I could take a train from downtown Austin to downtown Dallas if it got me there in 2.5 hours or so -- roughly the time necessary for me to drive to ABIA, go through security, etc. Clients pay for my time either way; they'd prefer that I be able to do something productive.

It's simply an issue of cost. Southwest is so cheap. I have no idea how much the land for rail would cost, but I'm sure it's a staggering amount. Maybe they could stick it in the Trans-Texas Corridor right of way.

Victor Penro said...

I love taking the train in between Chicago and Cleveland. There is so much space. And breakfast too.