Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seattle Viaduct Retrofit Nixed

Surface Boulevard with transit here we come. Right?
"We have taken the retrofit off the table," said Dave Dye, deputy secretary for the Washington State Department of Transportation, "but we will do one more piece of due diligence."
Why is this only being reported by the West Seattle Herald?


WS said...

Hi, this is NOT "only been reported by" that particular newspaper. The retrofit briefing covered by three reporters - me, one from the WSH, and one from the Times - happened on July 17th. We had a short in-progress report:
and our full report was in a two-focus Viaduct article here:
on July 21st.

And of course I'm sure you know the INITIAL announcement that the retrofit was off the table came the day the options were announced, on June 26 - our full article is here:

(we also liveblogged the announcements that day from the briefing room:

-TR @ West Seattle Blog (where we will continue to intensively cover the viaduct issue, with timely turnaround)

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Thanks WS. I wasn't familiar with the WSB.