Friday, November 14, 2008

A Green Deal

Time Magazine has some commentary I can believe in. A New New Deal:
But not all government spending is created equal. Obama needs to pump serious cash into the economy in a way that promotes his long-term priorities. That means billions for energy-efficient and climate-friendly infrastructure like wind turbines, solar panels and mass transit, but nothing for new sprawl roads that ravage nature and promote gas-guzzling.
He's right, water and other basic infrastructure is complicit in the growth as well as roads. Doing things that can focus future growth in sustainable ways should be on the top of the list. Arnold and others would do well to pay attention to this.


Morgan Wick said...


Seriously, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Yes! We need lots of federal intervention! For example the New Deal created the FHA, which was quite successful in promoting affordable, and most importantly, racially homogeneous, housing for the people of america.