Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kansas City Leaders Hop on Board

After Kansas City everyman Clay Chastain put a measure on the ballot in Kansas City to build the cities first light rail line, many of the community leaders that once shunned him are now jumping on board according to an article in the Kansas City Star today. Kansas City is a relative newcomer to the Transit Space Race but its story is interesting.

After many years of trying and many of the local supposed pro-transit folks against him, Clay had a hard time getting support for the system. He'd tried many times before, but had failed and claimed that this year was his last try to get the rail that Kansas City deserves. This year WAS different and produced a stunning win. While it was just for one line and not a comprehensive plan, i believe this effort alone to start rail in a non-rail city should be a part of the TSR.

The plan has some issues that needed to be hammered out including messy ballot language with specifics about not using overhead wires in favor of a system that exists only in Bordeaux France but is now being constructed in Angers. It also calls for a gondola and other specific things that make it hard to implement. There are more quirky ballot language issues but its a start.

To follow articles and happenings with the light rail line in Kansas City, someone has started a blog. Check it out if you get a chance.

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