Friday, April 6, 2007

A Good Charlotte Kick in the....

The knuckle draggers in Charlotte trying to redo the 1998 referendum should be paying attention to whats said in other cities. Basically they're trying to ruin Charlotte rumors (whether true or false) that they are going to pull business away from Atlanta. Say it enough times and it becomes true, just like Austin being the Live Music Capital of the World. Charlotte's version is that they are going to take Atlanta's biz because they are being progressive about transport, too bad the Reason foundation type folks don't get it.

From the AJC...

Moreover, as Atlanta ignores mass transit planning, it will be outpaced by other urban areas that have the foresight to put a brake on road-driven growth. Charlotte, with its ambitious inter-modal transit planning, stands poised to seize business opportunities from us, its chief rival as the Southeast's principal business and banking center. Even the Denver region, itself no model of sound mass-transit planning, last year demonstrated its commitment to pursue a new path when voters approved a bond issue for an innovative light rail system.
And the Transit Space Race moves along.

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