Monday, June 4, 2007

The Transit Space Race Explained

A Letter to the Herald in Seattle on the Space Race...

Let us consider the space race instead. Our best and brightest put men in space and on the moon using pencils, paper and slide rules. This was and continues to be a great engineering feat by our aerospace industry. We do not need commercial flights out of our little airport, we need a rail system to our big airport. A statewide rail system, a national system of bullet trains and light rail - let's get the big three automakers, aerospace, everyone involved. And like the trans-continental railroad, in some aspects, our government should pay for it and not expect to make a profit and not give it away to big business.

This may upset the oil magnates and the innovation of hydro-electric power will come off the back burner. Put Americans to work, put veterans to work, put documented immigrants to work. I want to ride the train to work, to play, to school, and to the airport.

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Anonymous said...

GO SEATTLE!!!! Light Rail on the way 09! More commuter rail in September 07, along with the tunnel opening up again!! New Streetcar in December 07!