Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Much Will My Trip Cost?

Google transit has added something really cool to their information. When you type in a route, they'll tell you how much money you save instead of driving. John at RTRider has more. Very Cool.


Unknown said...

And maybe sometimes I don't want to know the cost. See my followup post here.

M1EK said...

As usual, people make the incorrect assumption that cars depreciate per-mile enough to be worth worrying about.

I refer you again to this crackplog - almost all the depreciation you suffer as a carowner is a function of time, not miles.

The IRS reimbursement rules depreciate by miles because it's the only method they can possibly use for a personal vehicle used for business; not because it's right for personal use. You don't save remotely this much money by leaving your car parked in the driveway (as anybody with a car will tell you).

I estimated about 10% of depreciation was due to miles; 90% due to age.