Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inflation Hits Everyone

They are going to point to the trains as being over budget,
but they will ask why there is a "gap" in road funding or fudge it.
Inflation hits everything and everyone the same
but some like to pick their least favorite modes to blame.

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Adron said...

If transit and transportation where privately operated, this would be clearly blamed - inflation would thus be the blamed target for the rise in costs.

As long as costs are defrayed to such egregarious amounts with heavy, intrusive, and manipulative subsidies this misdirected, special interest group, political based blame game will ALWAYS occur.

Its too bad that most don't realize that this is the core issue here with the unbalanced and messed up environment we have with transportation in the US and in Europe (because they get heat for price overruns too).