Saturday, November 8, 2008

Elizabeth Avenue Video Blog

So I'm going to try this video blog thing here. My camera has the ability to take short movies as you've seen before so I decided while I was out today in Charlotte that I should do one for the Elizabeth Avenue Streetcar Project.

Initial Blog (Sorry About the Wind)

Part 2: The Surveyer

So a few things I missed. Because they were already reconstructing the street, this stretch only cost about $5 million dollars more. They also expect to be to the hospital at the high end by next month. I'll try to do this more when I see interesting things. Hopefully next time I'll write something up but on the spot seems genuine as well. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Great video!

I like that the city is taking a pre-emtive move with trams.

j said...

Nice videos its good to see whats going on down there since I have not been able to make out to Elizabeth recently. Hopefully our new administration will carry through with its pro-transit policies so this and the rest of the LYNX projects can get built sometime before 2035.

jon said...

didnt know that charlotte had already started building a streetcar line. i was in charlotte recently and was really impressed by the LYNX line.

did washington dc ever start building the anacostia streetcar?

Matt Fisher said...

Not sure yet, but this video showing the tracks looks so good, I'd like to put the wires in sooner! And then, on the Independence Corridor, they can put LRT over BRT (I hope so), which you would know I prefer. Interesting!

jon said...

The article "Is San Antonio Ready for Light Rail?" on this blog's news wire column is a good read.

San Antonio seems like a great city for LRT, I've never been there but I understand it has a wonderful vibrant pedestrian-oriented downtown core. Maybe San Antonio can replace Kansas City's lost chance for LRT.