Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Transit Election Results Central

So I don't clog anyone's Feed Reader I'm going to keep all the live-blogging within this one post. So keep it bookmarked and come back frequently for timestamped updates all in Pacific Time. Scroll down for deeper results than the top live blog.

Update 2:28 AM PT - So I get in bed and am about to shut my computer down when Measure R jumps to 97% complete! 67.3% looks great!

Update 2:04 AM PT - I have a flight to NC in the morning so I'm packing it in. Currently HSR is leading by a good amount and Measure R looks like it might pass as well. Hawaii looks good but I don't know where those missing precincts are and if they are pro-Mufi/pro-Rail. Measure B is a tough sell though. All in all it was a good night for transit. As I said earlier, Missouri was the only loser out of all of them. And when I get back, I'll put Seattle back on the Space Race list.

Update 1:42 AM PT - It looks like Missouri is just anti-transit. Everywhere else "won" even if they didn't win. ie: 66% is a really annoying threshold.

Update 1:32 AM PT - Measure R and HSR are looking good. The BART measure is really close teetering over and under the 66% it needs.

Update 12:53 AM PT - It's a pretty safe bet to say that KK (Requiring a vote to take away car lanes for transit) went down in flames while VV (AC Transit Parcel Tax) passed with a wide margin of error. The complete results are not in yet, but its probably fair to say it passed.

Update 12:42 AM PT - Sonoma Marin seems to have passed their commuter rail line. With three precincts left, it's at 69% which means its likely to pass the 66% mark.

Update 12:36 AM PT - It looks as if the transit tax passed in all New Mexico Counties. Rail Runner and possibly a streetcar in Albuquerque.

Update 12:23 AM PT - HSR is going strong at 52% With 61% reporting

Update 11:48 PM PT - Honolulu up almost 53% with 76% in

Update 11:46 PM PT - Aspen Returns are in. Yes for BRT There.

Update 11:31 PM PT - All of the returns are in for Marin so we'll have to wait for Sonoma. They both have to total 66%. Marin is 63% currently and Sonoma is 73%. HSR is really close at 52% For.

Update 11:02 PM PT - It's official, no Space Race Expansion for St. Louis. Measure M goes down by 51- 49. A close race for sure.

Update 10:38 PM PT - It looks like Light Rail in Seattle will pass and Streetcars have passed in West Sacramento. High Speed Rail is in a tight race and AC Transit looks to raise a parcel tax while KK, the anti-BRT measure looks like its getting shot down.

Update 10:17 PM PT - Looks like Milwaukee has a new source of money for transit. The electricity in the streets here is amazing as I just walked down Valencia street and cars were honking horns and people were biking and yelling on the street.

Update 9:52 PM PT - It looks good in New Mexico. We might see more Commuter Rail and a Streetcar there soon.

Update 9:04 PM PT - Prop 1 in Seattle Looks good so far.

Update 8:20 PM PT - We're starting to see West Coast Measures. Coming fast and Furious.

Update 7:57 PM PT - Missouri measures are looking bad.

Update 7:25 PM PT - It's good for Obama but rough out there for the transit measures. All are hovering around 50%. I don't know what parts of the counties these are in but New Mexico looks strong.

Update 6:47 PM PT - Starting to come in but slowly.

Update 5:41 PM PT - Results are going to be slow since we're working mostly on the West Coast. Wisconsin and St. Louis will probably be some of the first results we get so I'm keeping closer tabs on those.

Wheeee!!! Here we go...

Breakin it down below:


St. Louis Proposition M - A half cent sales tax for Metrolink Operations and Expansion Results Below (LOSS)

Update 1: 3:43 PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 50.2% No (1% in)
Update 3: 51% No (16% in)
Update 4: 52% No (44% in)
Update 5: 52% No (86% in)
Update 6: 51% No (93% in)
Update 7: Measure M Lost 51% No


Kansas City - Question 1 Light Rail (LOSS)

A 3/8 cent sales tax to build and operate a starter light rail line.

Update 1: 4:46 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 6:41 PM PT - 59% No 0% In
Update 3: 7:27 PM PT - 54% No (40% in)
Update 4: 7:49 PM PT - 56% No (84% in)
Update 5: 8:02 PM PT - 56% No (96.7%)
Update 6: 8:47 PM PT - 57% No (97%)

It looks like Kansas City burned its chance for light rail. A shame really.


Milwaukee Wisconsin - Sales Tax Increase (WIN)

A ballot measure that would increase the sales tax by a half cent to pay for transit service among other services.

Update: 4:55 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 6:43 PM PT - 53% No (1% in)
Update 3: 7:10 PM PT - 52% No (2% in)
Update 4: 7:21 PM PT - 50.1% Yes (3%)
Update 5: 7:34 PM PT - 54% Yes (19%)
Update 6: 7:52 PM PT - 54% Yes (38%)
Update 7: 8:04 PM PT - 54% Yes (42%)
Update 8: 8:49 PM PT - 53% Yes (71%)
Update 9: 9:07 PM PT - 53% Yes (76%)
Update 10: 9:33 PM PT - 53% Yes (86%)
Update 11: 10:17 PM PT - 52% Yes (94%)

It looks like we can probably put this one to bed.


Santa Fe/Albuquerque - A quarter cent sales tax to bring Rail Runner into Santa Fe from Albuquerque and provide transport funding for local agencies. The Abq Streetcar could get a jump start from this source. (WIN)

4 Counties of Results
Valencia | Bernalillo | Sandoval | Santa Fe

Update 1: 3:44 PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 7:15 PT - 52.9% For (Bernalillo County Absentee Only)
54 % For (Sandoval County Absentee Only)
Update 3: Valencia County 62% For (Unknown)
Update 4: 9:45 PT Bernalillo up to 53.5% For with 66% or so in
Santa Fe 52.7% For
Valencia County 61% For

All counties have come in for the Transit Tax.


From North to South

West Sacramento - Measure U Streetcar (WIN)

A half cent transportation sales tax that would in part pay for streetcar service across the river to the city.

Update 1: 5:15 PM PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 8:24 PM PT - 63% Yes (0% in)

It looks like this has passed.

Sonoma Marin - SMART Rail (WIN)

Would build and operate a commuter rail line from Larkspur North. MUST HAVE 66% in the counties combined. Last time it just barely missed passing.

Update1: 4:22 PM PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 10:22 PM PT - Marin 62% For (67% in) Needs 66% to pass
Sonoma 70% For (40% in) Needs 66% to pass
Update 3: 10:51 PM PT - Marin 62% For (97% in)
Update 4: 11:14 PM PT - Sonoma 73% For (52% in)
Update 5: 11:28 PM PT - Marin 63% For (100%) This means that Sonoma needs to bring it up to 66%. It looks like it might be able to.

Update 6: 11:51 PM PT - Sonoma 73% (68% in)
Update 7: 12:46 AM PT - Sonoma 73.5% (100% in)

If i'm correct, this adds up to 69% in both counties which means it wins.

Oakland/Berkeley - 2 Measures

Measure VV would give AC Transit a parcel tax increase to fund operations. Measure KK would require a vote to change street priority from cars to HOV, BRT, or other street running motorized dedicated transportation.

Update 1: 4:15 PM PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 8:27 PM PT - 78% No on KK (0% in)
Update 3: 8:28 PM PT - 68% Yes on VV (o% in)
Update 4: 11:23 PM PT - 69% Yes on VV (10% in)
79% No on KK (4% in)

Update 5: 12:09 AM PT - VV 71% Yes (66% in)
KK 76% No (77% in)

At this point we can probably say that KK got shot down while VV passed.

San Jose - Measure B BART to San Jose (MUST HAVE 66% to pass)

An 1/8th cent measure to operate an extension of BART to San Jose.

Update 1: 4:28 PM PT - No Results Up Yet
Update 2: 8:34 PM PT - 65.6% Yes (Partial Results)
Update 3: 11:54 PM PT - 66% (37% in)
Update 4: 12:15 AM PT - 65.7% (46% in)

Californa Full - Prop 1A High Speed Rail

Float $10B in bonds to build High Speed Rail between San Francisco and Los Angeles

Update 1: 4:36 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 8:32 PM PT - 51% Yes (5% in)
Update 3: 9:37 PM PT - 51% No (14% in)
Update 4: 10:23 PM PT - 51% No (22%)
Update 5: 10:43 PM PT - 51% For (31%)
Update 6: 11:06 PM PT - 51% For (35%)
Update 7: 11:21 PM PT - 51% For (38% in)
Update 8: 11:27 PM PT - 52% For (43% in)
Update 9: 12:05AM PT - 51% For (50% in)
Update 10: 12:21 AM PT - 52% For (58%)
Update 11: 1:20 AM PT - 52% For (70%)
Update 12: 1:34 AM PT - 52% For (75%)
Update 13: 2:04 AM PT - 52% For (83%)

Los Angeles - Measure R (MUST have 66% to pass)

A half cent sales tax that would pay for an expansion of transportation such as light rail and subway.

Update 1: 4:37 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 8:18 PM PT - 64% Yes (10% in)
Update 3: 10:29 PM PT - 65% Yes (16% in)
Update 4: 10:46 PM PT - 65.9% Yes (23%)
Update 5: 11:06 PM PT - 66.3% Yes (29%)
Update 6: 11:44 PM PT - 66.3% Yes (44%)
Update 7: 12:04 AM PT - 66.5% Yes (51%)
Update 8: 12:50 AM PT - 66.9% Yes (64%)
Update 9: 1:07 AM PT - 67% Yes (70%)
Update 10: 1:25 AM PT - 67.2% Yes (77%)
Update 11: 1:43 AM PT - 67.3% Yes (83%)
Update 12: 2:04 AM PT - 67.3% Yes (90%)
Update 13: 2:28 AM PT - 67.3% Yes (90%)


Honolulu Hawaii - Steel on Steel Rail Election

An election to decide whether to move forward with a steel on steel rail line.

Update 1: 4:44 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 10:48 PM PT - 52% Yes (28% in)
Update 3: 11:49 PM PT - 52% Yes (76% in)


Seattle - Prop 1 Sound Transit Expansion (WIN)

A ballot measure to increase the sales tax to pay for expanded regional light rail and bus service.

Update 1: 4:49 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update 2: 8:17 PM PT - Snohomish County 55% For (100% In)
Update 3: 10:33 PM PT - Looks like ST2 is passing in all 3 counties. In King by 60%
Update 4: 12:31 AM PT - 58% passing with 335,000 votes cast


Aspen - Prop 4A Bus Rapid Transit (WIN)

A ballot measure that would increase the sales tax by a .3% to pay for bus rapid transit expansion.

Update: 5:13 PM PT - No Results Yet
Update: 10:36 PM PT - 52% with 2 districts left to vote
Update: 11:47 PM PT - Prop 4A Wins


If I'm missing something let me know.


Anonymous said...

i thank you greatly for what you are doing, this is a great service you are providing. i know youre really busy now but if you get the chance might you be able to post whether the measures require 50% or 66% approval.

Anonymous said...

you're missing San Jose --- there's a proposal to extend BART to SJ

keep up the good work!

(crossing, fingers, hoping, praying, for HSR to pass)

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Thanks guys. Brian it's Measure B up there in the California Group.

Nickin206 said...

Looks like it is time for updating Space Race!

John Perry said...

Thanks for keeping track of all of this. However, being from New Mexico, I should mention that I don't think there's anything in for the ABQ streetcar in the passed transit tax, half of it is for the Rail Runner commuter line and the other half is for regional bus service.

Looks like wins for transit all around. I hope the high speed rail passes, and I've got my fingers crossed for Honolulu's rail system.

ian said...

Hey, thanks so much for tracking all this!

However, I'm a little worried about Measure Q in Marin/Sonoma — I think it might need 66.67% in each county (separately). I hope to god it passed, but last time it got 65.3% or so in Marin and I think over 70% in Sonoma, and didn't pass.

Maybe we need to look into this a bit more...

WOOOOOOO!!!! Tonight in Berkeley I took to the streets with thousands of other students to celebrate — making history!

Anonymous said...

q passed...
Train tax rolls to victory

honolulu star bulletin called it for honolulu rail awhile back.

i'm personally a little cautious about calling it for hsr and measure r at this time though over the night it has gotten very encouraging. and i'm holding my breath for bart to san jose since its right at the threshold.

a big knock on wood since theres several still undecided

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Ah that's why i hate the 66% thing. I think you have to add them up. But I can't remember exactly from last time.

As for ABQ, the transit tax is definitely for Rail Runner but I had read somewhere (can't remember where now) that some of this would lead to streetcar. I might be wrong.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I am too. HSR is too close as R and B are as well. We'll know in the morning. As of now I have to get some sleep :)

ian said...

My mistake on Q — IT PASSED!

1A looks solid. I'm calling high speed rail for our transportation future.

Anonymous said...

This is great news for Seattle! Looks like they will be moving up in the space race? Good day for transit in California as well! Makes for an interesting Space Race!

FLUBBER said...

measure B (BART to SJ) is at 66.3% with all pcts counted. I dunno if all the provisional ballots were counted yet, but does this mean it didn't pass, does it need 66.67%?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I was hoping the measures in Missouri were gonna have a better chance of passing! They must have been bamboozled by Wendell Cox and his ilk again.

At least high speed rail in California passed.

Michael said...

The St. Louis Metro has been under the glare of some controversy over the past year - and I don't think it was entirely right-wing BS type of controversy - it was such that even the mainstream / left-leaning Post-Dispatch was reporting on mismanagement, stupid remarks made by metro chief, the lawsuit and cost overruns on the recently completed light-rail extension, people shot at one of the light-rail stations recently, etc. I still think St. Louis can and will support transit in the future, but perhaps the public sentiment in the region had soured leading into this election thanks to some of this news over the past 12 months or so. I DON'T think Missouri is "anti-transit". Just as when Seattle's last proposition failed, the best strategy is to try, try again - slight differences in the macro environment, public mood, and the proposition itself can hopefully get another transit measure passed soon.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely elated about CA HSR passing along with almost every other transit measure on the ballot and Mr. Obama's win. I thought most of these measures were almost certain to lose.


There are two things I very much disagree with, with many fellow transit advocates and they both have to do with San Jose.

1. Why are so many Bay Area transit advocates so against BART to San Jose? I realize its expensive but its a transit system that everyone in the Bay Area will ride and supports politically. BART between Fremont and SJ is a critical missing link in the Bay Area transit system, BART already gets fairly close to San Jose and BART is quite popular with both voters and the not-your-typical-transit-riders. If it wasnt for the VTA being the most inept and mismanaged transit agency outside of Philadelphia, this measure would have passed easily. When you have to revote for more money on a project that voters already approved a tax increase for, you know people wont trust you. So I do think it was absolutely remarkable and telling of how popular BART is with voters that this measure was so close to passing.

2. HSR alignment via Altamont Pass. Altamont Pass alignment would require a seperate branch to serve SJ, which is a much less efficient operation than having a single main line that threads all the major cities. If a single train could serve both SJ and SF markets there would be vastly more riders onboard for that one train and they could run extra frequent trains. As opposed to running two seperate trains where you have to split the riders to serve their destination. Obviously SJ will become the stepchild branch between the two and SF will get more of the runs.

Additionally, CA HSR is about connecting the Bay Area to Los Angeles Area at a scale of several hundred miles, not about providing local commuter service of under 50 miles.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday was a very good day for transit across the country -- a landslide bigger than the electoral votes in the presidental race.

See the tabulations at

It includes results for bus-only systems. Let's not forget about them.

J. Powers said...

I really appreciate you aggregating the transit ballot propositions. I'm a transit fan and a native son of St. Louis; I also vote in St. Louis County, Missouri.

You claim that "[i]t looks like Missouri is just anti-transit." In the first place, this wasn't a statewide proposition--only St. Louis and its neighboring counties were involved. Secondly, this is a rather shallow read, don't you think? You think entire regions are simply anti-transit?

Even Wikipedia has information on the real reason behind the proposition's defeat:

The recent Cross-County Extension project was funded by a $430 million Metro bond issue. Metro cited repeated delays and cost overruns as its reasons for firing its general contractor in Summer 2004. The contractor, itself a coalition of four general contractors (Cross County Collaborative), in turn cited excessive change orders by Metro as the cause of the problems. After firing the general contractor, Metro functioned as its own general contractor on the project. Metro sued the Collaborative for $81 million for fraud & mismanagement. The Collaborative counter-sued for $17 million for work that Metrolink hadn't yet paid for. On December 1st, 2007, the jury voted in favor of the Cross County Collaborative, awarding them $2.56 million for work as yet unpaid for.

Mismanagement to the tune of several million taxpayer dollars. Would you reward this kind of mismanagement with more of _your_ money? People are voting against mismanagement, not transit per se.

Now, it's true that most of the administrators who cause these problems are no longer at MetroLink, but the reputation lingers. I think it's not good for St. Louis that the proposition failed, but I can understand the sentiment behind the opposition.

In the future, please be careful about writing off whole regions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us in the "know" Jeff!

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Hi J Powers. Thanks for writing. I can come across as snarky sometimes and certainly know that St. Louis is a friend of transit. I know folks like Tom Shrout and Steve Patterson are working hard to get more transit locally. I'm sorry if this was construed as a put down but realize that I know folks are trying hard there to get it on the ground. It just happens that both Kansas City and St. Louis measures failed while transit around the rest of the country passed. It was kind of late night and I made a blanket generalization that hopefully most people realize is just snarky and not really true.

Jeramey said...

Milwaukee's measure was a full percent advisory referendum. We have a long way to go with a very important vote on Monday for a regional transit authority.

-Jeramey Jannene-
Urban Milwaukee