Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Connection Links

The most interesting finds of the day:

Train station revival in Redlands. Wonder if ESRI has anything to do with this...
Peter Calthorpe is working in Toronto along the Subway extensions
Streetcar expansion in the Big Easy?
After the rocky start of the Music City Star Commuter Rail line, I'm really really surprised at this possible commuter rail expansion. It's in the long range plan but I thought long range meant 50 years.
I love love love when I can go on a trip and not set foot inside a taxi. Fortunately a lot more cities are connecting their airports to downtown with transit. I do wish more places would think harder about the long term implications of not having a station in the terminal such as in Dallas or Phoenix. Yeah it meant some tunneling but it makes things so much easier! I know there are a lot of people that hate the BART to the airport connection, but I love it and use it all the time. If you need to charge me more, go for it. USA Today runs the story on rail from airports.


crzwdjk said...

I love the BART to airport connection. I hate the Caltrain to BART to other BART to Airtrain connection. It's even more annoying than taking the bus from OAK or SJC to their respective rail stations.

Adam P said...

Don't know if you notice this but LaHood is apparently taking a Europe and Asia tour of the different high speed rail system. Pretty funny picture of him in a French train