Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chandler Arizona and the TSR

It seems that a major city building a light rail line does funny things to a small city on the outskirts. It might just want to make you join the service district after decreeing long ago that they didn't want the taxes. But now they want the trains, so they'll start paying their dues. How novel. Phoenix is in the space race, and now in order to plan for more expansions they need more partners. But this is what its like around the country. Major city builds rail, the surrounding areas yell gimme gimme. I'm not saying its bad, but it does point out that those anti-railistas that lurk in cities without rail yet are fighting a losing battle. City after city are catching clues and it won't be long until holdouts like Cincinnati stop trading the creative class and jobs for the right to only drive cars.

UPDATE: Not a few hours after I go to bed an article was released on how Phoenix planners decide they are going to ask for $1.7 billion dollars worth of Light Rail extensions to the original plan! Welcome to the Space Race.

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